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Based in Lausanne, Switzerland

Release date
May 1, 2018

Oculus Go
Samsung Gear VR
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A virtual reality space shooter game that brings together all Oculus community players in intense and merciless online battles.

Discover a large variety of gameplays, with more than 50 missions to complete like: contracts, assaults, PvP battles, and an all new and super fun game mode: space racing.

Players can freely fly over multiple high-definition 3D environments, such as asteroid filled areas of space, a city in the clouds, alien planets, underground caverns, and even gigantic interstellar cruisers, providing fresh gaming surroundings for each new mission.

Background Story

In Anshar Online, you will attempt to solve the investigation into the death of your partner – and best friend – Rush Steel, killed at the beginning of the game in an ambush of which you are the sole survivor.

You will try to uncover who ordered the ambush with the help of your ally Lady Elitas, who will guide you towards your goal.


  • All game modes are available in single player or as a party: up to 8 players in PvP deathmatch mode and up to 5 players in co-op.
  • Integrated VoIP will allow you to easily communicate your strategies.
  • Battle in intense ship-to-ship combat where your head movements steer your vessel.
  • Destroy all the enemy ships using rapid-fire lasers and lock-on missiles
  • Avoid getting hit by enemy fire and crashing into asteroids or other vessels
  • Defend your mothership against increasing numbers of enemies.
  • Rank against others in the global leaderboard
  • A leveling and loot system to allow players to upgrade the three available ship classes: fighter, tank, and engineer.
  • Steer your ship with a simple movement of the head.
  • Attack your enemies with missiles and lasers thanks to the controllers, joysticks, or touchpad and perfect control of the speed of your ship.


Anshar Online - Launch Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Mobile Game" Winner Gold category at the Indigo Award 2019
  • "Best VR Game" Nominated at the 15th IMGA (International Mobile Gaming Awards) San Francisco 2019
  • "Best Swiss Game" Nominated at the Ludicious & SGDA Game Awards 2019
  • "Best VR Game" Winner Bronze at the Halo Awards - VRDays Europe 2018
  • "Best VR Game" Nominated at the Indie Prize London - Casual Connect Europe 2018
  • "Pioneering VR development" by Oculus - Oculus Go 2018

Selected Articles

  • "Anshar Online just looks gorgeous and makes you forget that you only have a $200 device strapped to your head."
    - Janko Roettgers, Variety
  • "What’s a virtual reality headset without a multiplayer space shooter? Not worth having, that’s what. Anshar Online fits the bill nicely for the Oculus Go."
    - Gerald Lynch, Techradar
  • "So far, Anshar Online is a great experience. It’s a ton of fun whether you play alone or with friends."
    - Daryle Henry, Dads And Dragons
  • "Anshar Online goes even bigger and better than before, offering rich visuals, and more than 50 missions that can now be played in teams of five."
    - Peter Graham, VRFocus
  • "Oculus Go @GDC: Anshar Online First Look"
    - Oculus VR, Oculus Developer Blog
  • "Unity VR developers love Oculus Go"
    - Sarah Stumbo, Unity Blog

About OZWE Games

OZWE Games is a Swiss development studio pioneering in Virtual Reality (VR) games with Oculus (Facebook-owned) as official partner.

Our studio is a leader in VR with a deep foundation in mobile optimization techniques and solid knowledge in cross-play and cross-platform development.

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Anshar Online Credits

Stéphane Intissar

Fabrice Berger
Senior Game Artist & VFX Artist

Camille Müller
Art Director

Yoan Santelli
Game Programmer & Game Designer

Alma Moya Losada
Head of Marketing & Communication

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