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A VR Combat Racing Game, where players must demonstrate the skillful art of racing. Driving and shooting skills make the difference between life or death.

Single or multiplayer this game allows racers to fight each other on a variety of unique tracks. The drivers must destroy the maximum number of opponents while competing for the first place.

The players can explore multiple 3D environments filled with traps, secret paths, and bonuses to use smartly against each other.

Background Story

In concept, ‘Death Lap,’ is a vehicular combat tournament hosted once a year. The wonderful, marvelous, handsome host, is a prodigious racer called ‘Nitro Saint Payne,’ he spent a career chasing the sound barrier and winning races the world around. He suffered a tragedy of his own, he devolved into madness and traded his legacy of honor and achievement for Maniacal Horror and Entertainment, which developed into, ‘Death Lap,’ — a way for him to create the next greatest racer, someone worthy for him to pass the title to, through any means necessary.


  • Players control their cars in first or third-person view.
  • Increase their speed with boosters and Nos fuel.
  • Each car has various weapons and powers.
  • Drivers can use the car's special power to change the game.
  • Battle in intense and devious tracks.
  • Slow their opponents by using oil, nets, caltrops, and traps.
  • Destroy vehicles and obstacles with powerful weapons.
  • Racers can protect themselves with shields.
  • Get advantage of the secret paths and obstacles in each environment.
  • Rank against others in the global leaderboard.
  • Game available in single-player or multiplayer: up to 6 players.
  • Integrated VoIP allows players to communicate with their opponents.


Death Lap Teaser | Oculus Quest + Rift Platform YouTube


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About OZWE Games

OZWE Games is a Swiss development studio pioneering in Virtual Reality (VR) games with Oculus (Facebook-owned) as official partner.

Our studio is a leader in VR with a deep foundation in mobile optimization techniques and solid knowledge in cross-play and cross-platform development.

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Death Lap Credits

Stéphane Intissar

Camille Müller
Art Director

Fabrice Berger
Senior Game Artist & VFX Artist

Yoan Santelli
Game Programmer & Game Designer

Vincent Fournié
Staff Engineer

Andrea Rovescalli
Game Programmer & Game Designer

Alma Moya Losada
Head of Marketing & Communication

Jocelyn Weiss
Technical Director

Ramiz Morina
2D/3D Artist & Illustrator

Yann Piller
Game Programmer & Game Designer

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